Category: Short Fiction

Heart of the Matter

Appearing in Caped, An Anthology of Superhero Tales by Local Hero Press Publishing.

A superhero story. Cameron suffers from a deteriorating heart condition and because his skin can’t be pierced and his bones can’t be broken, surgery is not an option. But, as his condition worsens and his heroic lifestyle increases the risk of a fatal coronary, a freak accident presents a possible solution. But, there will be a cost.

Officer Down

Appearing in: Detective Megapack Wildside Press

Reprinted from Crimespree Magazine, #39, Nov/Dec 2010. The first in in my St. Thomas PD series. He’s a second-generation cop, striving to rise from the shadow of his father’s legacy, coping with the resentment of his job-hating mother and sister, and struggling with the jealousy of his partner. Betrayal leads to a bullet-ridden confrontation in a dank alley. With no way out.