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Featuring “More Than Meets the Eye” by Robert J. Mendenhall Created in the mold of the classic pulp space operas from Flash Gordon to Buck Rogers–Mars McCoy, Space Ranger Vol 3. In this volume Mars and his beautiful android co-pilot Betty 12, take on villainous Space Queens and Pirates from asteroid mining adventures to uncover assignment aboard luxury space liners. Nothing is too dangerous for the legendary Mars McCoy. From Airship 27 Productions and “pulpy” authors John Bear Ross, Wayne Carey, Robert J. Mendenhall and Russ Anderson. Buy MARS MCCOY, SPACE RANGER Volume 3 from Amazon

A deadly attack on a Coalition survey ship on the edge of the galaxy. Murder at an early warning station in the Alpha Centauri star system. Refugees stranded in outer space after an asteroid strike decimates the Earth. Explorers overrun by the most devastating sandstorm in Martian history. An invulnerable superhero with a deteriorating heart condition. These stories and more as RJM postulates what conditions we might face in futures far… and not so far off.

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The first interstellar mission goes horribly wrong; a rookie cop on a far planet in over his head; the world dependent on its superheroes who harbor a deadly secret; a planet decimated by global climate changes faces a new Armageddon. PLUS: Golden Age science fiction from the masters of their time: Tom Godwin, Ed Earl Repp, Jules Verne, and HG Wells.

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Six Tales of Terror from Rudyard Kipling. Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert J. Mendenhall. From the rural acres of Michigan to the British estates of colonial India, from the dark underbelly of the Gulf Coast to the tombs of New England, from the streets of New York to the jungles of the Philippines—no matter the time or place, evil endures. Evil abides.

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“Murder on Centauri” appearing in Extreme Planets by Chaosium Publishing. Christopher Manning is the Provost Marshal at Early Warning Station Centauri; a listening post on a harsh planet circling the primary star of the Alpha Centauri binary system. When one of his men is murdered, Manning’s investigation leads him into a web of conspiracy and betrayal, with the fate of the facility and the lives of every human soldier on the planet at stake.


“Breach of Contract” appearing in Ink Stains: A Dark Literary Anthology by Dark Alley Press. A desperate man. A dangerous choice. To save his wife’s life, a husband makes a dark and deadly deal with an insidious organization. But when he can’t fulfill his end of the bargain, the cost for his breach of contract is more than he can bear to pay.

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“First Strike: Appearing in: Visions VII by Rogue Star Press. On the fringe of the galaxy, an old enemy’s attack on a Coalition survey ship escalates centuries of tension, thrusting both civilizations to the brink of Interstellar war. The first in my Coalition Space series.

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“Sanctioned by War” appearing in Horrors of History by Fey Publishing. The date: July, 1943. The setting: The Pacific Theater. OSS Operative Nicholas Grant has made a gruesome discovery; one that could alter the course of the war. Grant must slip into the enemy-occupied Philippine Islands, secure evidence of this horror, and get that evidence back to Allied Intelligence. To do that, Grant is forced to confront it head-on.


RJM on the Web

“War Torn” appearing at Saturday Evening Post.com. April, 1942. Washington DC. A single mother struggling to make ends meet in the nation’s capitol and a young sailor fresh out of boot camp, shipping out to the war. For a brief moment, their war-torn lives overlap. Based on a true story.

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“Not my Strong Suit” appearing at Theme Of Absence.com. FLASH FICTION.

So, a space-jockey cargo pilot walks into a bar…

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“Hard Choices” appearing at Dime Show Review.com. FLASH FICTION.

Some choices a father has to make are harder than others.

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“Day One” Appearing in As You Were: The Military Review, Volume 9,  published by The Military Experience and the Arts. FLASH FICTION.

It was a young soldier’s first day in theater. What had he gotten himself into?

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“Help Desk” appearing at Perihelion.com. FLASH FICTION.

In the aftermath of an alien invasion, a quiet rebellion uses technology to fight back.

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