Author: RJM

Far Futures Book One

A deadly attack on a Coalition survey ship on the edge of the galaxy, murder at an early warning station in the Alpha Centauri star system, refugees stranded in outer space after an asteroid strike decimates the Earth, explorers overrun by the most devastating sandstorm in Martian history, an invulnerable superhero with a deteriorating heart condition.

These stories and more as science fiction author Robert J. Mendenhall postulates what conditions we might face in futures far—and not so far—off.

Pale Horse

Six Tales of Terror from Rudyard Kipling. Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert J. Mendenhall

From the rural acres of Michigan to the British estates of colonial India, from the dark underbelly of the Gulf Coast to the tombs of New England, from the streets of New York to the jungles of the Philippines—no matter the time or place, evil endures. Evil abides.

Murder on Centauri

Captain Christopher Manning is the Provost Marshal at Early Warning Station Centauri; a listening post on a harsh planet circling the primary star of the Alpha Centauri binary system. When one of his military police officers is murdered, seemingly by a local Centauran, Manning’s investigation leads him into a web of conspiracy and betrayal, with the fate of the facility and the lives of every human soldier on the planet at stake. Appearing in Extreme Planets by Chaosium Publishing.

Critical Conditions

Appearing in: To Hell in a Fast Car by Dark Quest Books

The second in my St. Thomas PD crime series. It should have been a routine warrant arrest. Should have been. But when one of Sergeant Beth Dolan’s detectives goes down, everything goes to hell. As she rockets through the streets to save the life of her closest friend, what else could possibly go wrong?

Case Gray

Appearing in: Pulp Adventures #36 by Bold Venture Press

Code Name: Intrepid adventure! April, 1933. Lt Colonel Rick Justice, US Army Air Corps, and the team investigate an insidious plot to create an army of soldiers… from the dead. This one has it all. Evil Nazi scientists. Decked-out airships. Auto-gyros. Harrowing escapes. Aerial dog- fights. And, of course, zombies!  Whaaaaat?

Sanctioned by War

Appearing in Horrors of History by Fey Publishing.

The historical period: World War II. The date: July, 1943. The setting: The Pacific Theater. OSS Operative Nicholas Grant has made a gruesome discovery; one that could alter the course of the war. But, in order to convince General Douglas MacArthur, Grant must slip into the enemy-occupied Philippine Islands, secure evidence of this horror, and get that evidence back to Allied Intelligence. To do that, Grant is forced to confront it head-on.

The Tomb of Necrohotep

Appearing in Curse of the Tomb Seekers by Zimbell House Publishing.

Another Code Name: Intrepid adventure. April, 1935. Archaeologist “Digs” Jasper has unearthed an ancient artifact which reveals where an evil and powerful Egyptian priest was secretly entombed. Digs and the Intrepid team race to find and destroy the tomb before Hitler’s “Special Squadron” can resurrect the mad Necrohotep and leverage his dark magic or the Nazi’s nefarious ends.