Code Name: Intrepid

Code Name: Intrepid is a pulp-style action and adventure series set in the years leading up to World War II and written in the tradition of Doc Savage and The Shadow. Intrepid is a highly-skilled team of military and civilian daredevils that take on a secret Nazi organization using fringe science, the occult, and the supernatural in their evil quest for world domination. Code Name: Intrepid–because extraordinary threats require extraordinary measures.

Meet the INTREPID team:

Lt Colonel Rick Justice, U.S. Army Air Corps

Lt Commander Roger “Sky Hawk” Winchester, U.S. Navy

Rita Marshall, U.S. War Department

Master Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Downe, U.S. Army

Gunnery Sergeant Dexter “Guns” Preston, U.S. Marine Corps

The Code Name: INTREPID Missions so Far…

And coming soon…

CNI Classified Volume 3, August 2024

CNI Classified Volume 4, December 2024

Code Name: Intrepid Book 6, April 2025

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