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The first interstellar mission goes horribly wrong; a rookie cop on a far planet in over his head; the world dependent on its superheroes who harbor a deadly secret; a planet decimated by global climate changes faces a new Armageddon.

Robert J. Mendenhall presents seven possible futures in which those scenarios play out. PLUS: Golden Age science fiction from the masters of their time: Tom Godwin, Ed Earl Repp, Jules Verne, and HG Wells.

The 1930s. A turbulent and perilous time for America as it faces destruction from a fiendish, shadow organization using fringe science, the occult, and the supernatural in its evil quest for world dominance. To protect the nation from these unnatural threats, a unique task force consisting of highly-skilled military and civilian daredevils is formed, code name: Intrepid.

CNI Classified. Five action-packed adventures from five “intrepid” authors: Wayne Carey, Teel James Glenn, Robert J. Mendenhall, Charles F. Millhouse, and Bobby Nash.

Nominated for the Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology of 2023!

Featuring “More Than Meets the Eye” by Robert J. Mendenhall

Created in the mold of the classic pulp space operas from Flash Gordon to Buck Rogers–Mars McCoy, Space Ranger Vol 3. In this volume Mars and his beautiful android co-pilot Betty 12, take on villainous Space Queens and Pirates from asteroid mining adventures to uncover assignment aboard luxury space liners. Nothing is too dangerous for the legendary Mars McCoy.

From Airship 27 Productions and “pulpy” authors John Bear Ross, Wayne Carey, Robert J. Mendenhall and Russ Anderson.

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