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“The Master Plan” appearing in: The Fifth Di Nomadic Delirium Press
The Master Plan Life Assurance Policy... when organ farming has become the norm. Not a bad deal, really. If you’re the policy holder. If you’re the organ-donor clone and you wake up? Not so much.
Available in other e-pub formats at Smashwords.
“Pro Bono” appearing in: Mystery Weekly Magazine
Private Investigator Adam Pike's latest case strains him to the breaking point as he pits himself against bullets, mobsters, and a failed case from his time on the job that cost an innocent girl her life. The first in my Adam Pike, PI series written under the Carl J. Adams byline.
“High Price” appearing in: Purple Prose #2
What happens when the world becomes dependent on its super heroes? And what happens when those revered heroes aren’t what they appear to be? One man learns the truth and his discovery will change the world. But at what cost?  
Original Series and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan tie-in. Khan murdered his friends, hi-jacked a starship, and stole the deadly Genesis Device. Now, Khan is bombarding the USS Enterprise with his wrath and photon torpedoes, and the only thing standing in his way is the man David Marcus has spent his life hating--Captain James T. Kirk. In the moments leading to their destruction, David learns thereís more to Kirk than he knew. But can he reconcile with his father before Khan destroys them all?
“Prodigal Father” appearing in: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds IV Pocket Books
Captain Christopher Manning is the Provost Marshal at Early Warning Station Centauri; a listening post on a harsh planet circling the primary star of the Alpha Centauri binary system. When one of his military police officers is murdered, seemingly by a local Centauran, Manning’s investigation leads him into a web of conspiracy and betrayal, with the fate of the facility and the lives of every human soldier on the planet at stake.
“Murder on Centauri” appearing in Extreme Planets Chaosium Publishing
“Heart of the Matter” appearing in: Caped, An Anthology of Superhero Tales Local Hero Press Publishing
A superhero story. Cameron suffers from a deteriorating heart condition and because his skin can’t be pierced and his bones can’t be broken, surgery is not an option. But, as his condition worsens and his heroic lifestyle increases the risk of a fatal coronary, a freak accident presents a possible solution. But, there will be a cost.
“The Tomb of Necrohotep” appearing in: Curse of the Tomb Seekers Anthology Zimbell House Publishing
Another Code Name: Intrepid adventure. April, 1935. Archaeologist “Digs” Jasper has unearthed an ancient artifact which reveals where an evil and powerful Egyptian priest was secretly entombed. Digs and the Intrepid team race to find and destroy the tomb before Hitler’s “Special Squadron” can resurrect the mad Necrohotep and leverage his dark magic for the Nazi’s nefarious ends.
The historical period: World War II. The date: July, 1943. The setting: The Pacific Theater. OSS Operative Nicholas Grant has made a gruesome discovery; one that could alter the course of the war. But, in order to convince General Douglas MacArthur, Grant must slip into the enemy-occupied Philippine Islands, secure evidence of this horror, and get that evidence back to Allied Intelligence. To do that, Grant is forced to confront it head-on.
“Code Name Intrepid: Case Gray” appearing in Membrane The Dreadful Cafe
“The Hard Way” appearing in: Cosmic Crime Stories #1 Sam’s Dot Publishing
Fresh from the police academy, Jackson Daarker is a probationary cop on a far-flung planet. Heís got a lot to learn about the law, human (and un-human) nature, and the criminal element. His Field Training Officer is a gruff veteran, with a wash-out record that rivals his arrest record. Daarker gets into something way over his head, something that could cost him his job. Maybe his life. Probably his life.
“Officer Down” appearing in: Crimespree Magazine #39
The first in my St. Thomas PD crime series. Heís a second-generation cop, striving to rise from the shadow of his fatherís legacy, coping with the resentment of his job-hating mother and sister, and struggling with the jealousy of his partner. Betrayal leads to a bullet-ridden confrontation in a dank alley, with no way out. He was a cop from the far future. pursuing a fleeing felon through time via the human subconscious. He found his fugitive co-habitating a body in the 21st century. But as he closed in, he discovered the body he was using had a hidden peril--forcing a choice that would have lasting consequences for three co-habitating souls.
“Under the Influence” appearing in: Aoife’s Kiss Magazine #40 Sam’s Dot Publishing
“Last Night in Biloxi” appearing in: Night Terrors Anthology Kayelle Press
The second in my St. Thomas PD crime series. It should have been a routine warrant arrest. Should have been. But when one of Sergeant Beth Dolan’s detectives goes down, everything goes to hell. As she rockets through the streets to save the life of her closest friend, what else could possibly go wrong?
“Critical Conditions” appearing in: To Hell in a Fast Car Dark Quest Books
“Ancient History” appearing in: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds VI Pocket Books
Original Series and Next Generation crossover. Torn from his own time  by a twist of events and the curse of his own ingenuity, Montgomery Scott is alone in the 24th century. Until Scotty runs into an old nemesis: time-displaced Captain Morgan Bateson. What fuels their ancient hated of each other? And will either of them, alone and orphans of time, survive it?
“Fear, Itself” appearing in: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds V Pocket Books
Deep Space 9. After the Dominion war, after Ben Sisko disappeared, a shuttle disaster strands Jake Sisko, Ezri Dax, and Nog on a bone-yard planet. Out of communication with the Federation, injured with no food or water, the three struggle to find a way home. Old tensions erupt, threatening years of friendship. And then--The Breen.
“Full Moon” appearing in: The Martian Wave #2 Sam’s Dot Publishing
Trapped in orbit with hundreds of refugees from an Earth decimated by an  extinction-level asteroid strike, Christopher Lockwood and his captain, Anjela Stewart turn to the moon for sanctuary. But the moon is already full of desperate evacuees, and Moonbase Authority will use any means necessary to turn them away.
It was the worst storm on Mars in recorded history. It would alter the planet’s topography forever, and they were caught right in the  middle of it. Four explorers with nowhere to run;  nowhere to hide. Would any of them survive their last expedition?
“Absence of Evidence” appearing in: The Martian Wave #3 Sam’s Dot Publishing
“Third Night” appearing in: Spiritual Awakenings GisG Heavenly Publications
Spiritual Warfare. He spent his entire life apathetic and agnostic, until that one night. Now, his soul is under demonic attack and he has only one hope for salvation. But, is it too late?
Reprinted from Crimespree Magazine, #39, Nov/Dec 2010. The first in in my St. Thomas PD series. He’s a second-generation cop, striving to rise from the shadow of his father’s legacy, coping with the resentment of his job-hating mother and sister, and struggling with the jealousy of his partner. Betrayal leads to a bullet-ridden confrontation in a dank alley. With no way out.
“Officer Down” appearing in: Detective Megapack Wildside Press
“Sanctioned by War” appearing in: Horrors of History Fey Publishing
Meet the Intrepid team--a highly skilled group of men and women operating from a secret base in the northeastern part of the United States, circa 1933.  Lt Colonel Rick Justice, US Army Air Corps, leads the Intrepid adventurers through breath-taking exploits fraught with peril and danger. In “Case Gray” the team  investigates an insidious plot to create an army of soldiers... from the dead. This one has it all. Nazis. Airships. Auto-gyros. Harrowing escapes. Aerial dog-fights. And, of course, zombies!
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He thought the rickety old man was harmless and easy to bully, and then suddenly he was the one being terrorized--by a feral creature determined to make his last night in Biloxi, his last night on Earth.
“The Perisphere Solution” appearing in: Ecotastrophe II Nomadic Delirium Press
It’s a world where global climate change is NOT fake news. The Earth has plunged into a new ice age, but society has survived thanks to the Perisphere Solution. But will it be enough to save mankind from what is yet to come?
Available in other e-pub formats at Smashwords.
“First Strike” appearing in: Visions VII Rogue Star Press
Also available on Kindle and in other e-pub formats at Smashwords.
On the fringe of the galaxy, an old enemy’s attack on a Coalition survey ship escalates centuries of tension, thrusting both civilizations to the brink of interstellar war. The first in my Coalition Space series.
It was his first day in theater. What had he gotten himself into?
“Day One” FREE Flash Fiction, Appearing in As You Were: The Military Review, Volume 9,  published by The Military Experience and the Arts,
Some choices a father has to make are harder than others.
“Hard Choices” FREE Flash Fiction, Appearing in: The Dime Show Review,  edited by Kae Sable.
Dime Show Review
Robert J. Mendenhall’s
Short Fiction
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