Favorite Regional Authors
Michael A. Black As a former Army MP and a thirty year veteran of a south-suburban Chicago police department, Mike’s been around the criminal justice block. And he’s been writing about it almost as long, with over forty articles and as many short stories to his credit. His credits include four novels in his Ron Shade, PI series (my favorite), three books in his popular Leal and Hart series, two stand-alone novels, PLUS two novels with Law and Order SVU star Richard Belzer. He also writes the exciting adventures of Doc Atlas and his crew. Pulp adventure at its best!
Julie Hyzy  Julie and I both had Trek stories featured in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds volumes V (2002) and VI (2003). Since then, Julie has been busy writing her own award-winning mystery series, including her Manor House Mysteries and the White House Chef Mysteries. Julie’s latest is a stand-alone thriller, Virtual Sabotage. She delves into the intricate world of virtual reality. Pretty harmless--until it’s not. Julie’s protagonist, Kenna Ward, confronts a sinister conspiracy to control both the virtual and the real world.  Available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indie Bound. 
More at Julie’s web site: http://www.juliehyzy.com/
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More at Mike’s web site: http://michaelablack.com/
And speaking of adventure series, did you know that Michael also writes Don Pendleton’s The Executioner? This popular series has been a staple of spinner racks for decades. Michael’s latest entry in the Mack Bolan saga is entitled Fatal Prescription and recently won the Best Original Novel Scribe Award!  Available now at  Amazon.com.
David DeLee David’s specialty is crime thrillers and he dives deep. His series explore criminal behavior from various law enforcement perspectives. His Nick Lafferty series follows the dangerous world of a former agent of the DEA. Grace deHavilan Bounty Hunter chases bad guys on the run. The bodies pile up for two New York City detectives in his Flynn and Levy series. And for something different, but just as riveting: Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventures.  Exciting novels, novellas, and short stories—David DeLee delivers.
More at David’s web site: www.daviddelee-author.com
Besides Manor House and White House Chef, Julie also has the thrilling Alex St. James Mystery Series (my personal favorite). Alex is a researcher for a TV news network in Chicago and her poking around usually lands her in dangerous waters. Book three in this series, Dead Ringer, teams Julie’s Alex St. James with Michael Black’s Ron Shade. What a ride!
In his latest book, While the City Burns,  Detective Flynn and Internal Affairs Investigator Levy grapple with spiraling community violence in the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed youth. Racial tensions and political pressure hinder their investigation in a story ripped from today’s headlines. Available now at Amazon.
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