Robert J. Mendenhall is a retired police officer, a retired Air National Guardsman, and a former Broadcast Journalist for the American Forces Network, Europe. A member of both Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America, he writes across genres including science fiction, adventure, crime and suspense, and the occasional horror. He lives near St. Joseph, Michigan with his wife and fellow writer, Claire. And many animals.  
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“The Perisphere Solution”
It’s a world where global climate change is NOT fake news. The Earth has plunged into a new ice age, but society has survived thanks to the Perisphere Solution. But will it be enough to save mankind from what is yet to come?
Appearing in ECOTASTROPHE II, an anthology from Nomadic Delirium Press, Edited by J Alan Erwine. 
“First Strike”
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in e-pub formats at Smashwords.
On the fringe of the galaxy, an old enemy’s attack on a Coalition survey ship ends centuries of cold war thrusting both civilizations to the brink of interstellar war. The first in my Coalition Space series. Appearing in VISIONS VII: UNIVERSE, an anthology from Rogue Star Press, edited by Carol Fix.   Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and direct from Rogue Star Press.
“Code Name: Intrepid”
Five exciting adventures of the Code Name: Intrepid team collected in one anthology by the masters of New Pulp Fiction: Airship 27 Productions , edited by Ron Fortier.
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“High Price”
What happens when the world becomes dependent on its superheroes? And what happens when those revered heroes aren’t what they appear to be? One man learns the truth and his discovery will change the world… but at what cost?
Appearing in PURPLEPROSE MAGAZINE, issue #2, edited by Joaquin Galante. Available on Amazon Kindle,